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I-9 Verify for Employees

Our I-9 Verify services provide assistance to employers and employees to process new hire:


We can help! We are Certified, experienced & professional. Vetted to complete Form I-9. 100% accurate and legal Form I-9 Verification


Our affordable pricing provided to complete Form I-9


Our experienced service provider will complete Form I-9 in a completely legal face-to-face interactions, as required by federal law


Employers who violate federal law by accepting identification documents by email or fax face fines in the tens of thousands of dollars


We return to you an Error  Free  I-9. Your satisfaction is guaranteed


I-9 Central & Inspections

Federal law requires all employers who recruit to complete the I-9 Form

Employers will generally receive a written Notice of Inspection at least 3 days before the inspection.

Officials may also use subpoenas and warrants to obtain the forms without providing 3 days’ notice.

Officials generally choose where they will conduct a Form I-9 inspection

Hiring an experienced professional to vet and accurately complete the I-9 Form for a fee who have designated employers to complete Form I-9 may present photocopies or printed electronic images of those forms to inspecting officials

When officials arrive to inspect an employer’s Form I-9, the employer must:

  • Retrieve & reproduce electronically stored Form I-9 and any other documents the officer requests;


  • Hardware & software to inspect electronic documents; and


  •  Electronic summary of the information recorded on the employer’s Form I-9

Employers who refuse or delay an inspection may be in violation of the law

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