Thank you for agreeing to represent Nathalie JeanPhilippe LLC & Associates as a Signing Agent for the attached closing.

At Nathalie JeanPhilippe LLC & Associates, exceptional customer service is our number one priority. Our Customers/Clients are the VIP of our business. In order to ensure we meet our high customer service standard, we request that you use the following rules as a Code of Conduct in performing the signings and closings on behalf of Nathalie JeanPhilippe LLC & Associates:

1. Be on Time. The Customer/Clients have scheduled the closing to take place around their calendars, it is imperative that you arrive at the agreed upon time. If you are running late whether 5-10 mins or 30 minutes late, we asked that you communicate with a staff at Nathalie JeanPhilippe LLC & Associates so we can convey to the Customer/Clients and or if 10 minutes or more, please reach out to the Customer/Clients let them know you will be late.

2.  Be Polite.  Please remember that you are being compensated for a service that you are providing, so we ask that you treat the Customer/Clients with the same amount of respect and kindness that you would expect from those providing services to you.

3.  Smile. Smile and engage the Customer/Clients. Please take a photo copy of I.D’s, Administer the Oaths, and Ask them permission to get started.

4.  Be Professional. Please remember to not discuss a person’s financial situation in front of others during signing. It is very important to ask permission to discuss in presence of  the another individual.  It is important that you show that you understand they have put a great deal of time and research in coming to the terms of the loan.

5.  Appearance. Your attire should reflect the same professionalism in which your capacity does. Please be mindful of perfumes and cologne.

6.   Inform the customer of your role.  Politely inform the Customer/Clients you have been hired to witness the execution of their documents.  Explain that while you are able to explain functions of documents, you are not able to discuss loan specifics, terms or interest rates.

7.  Be Knowledgeable. It is important to have a strong knowledge of the purpose and function of EACH document.  It is just as important to be confident of your knowledge of these documents so that the Customer/Client has confidence in signing the documents. It is imperative to refresh your role and duties. For training opportunities, Nathalie JeanPhilippe LLC & Associates offer training sessions with signing agents to keep you updated with any new industry updates and regulations.

8.  Be Accurate. Most importantly, make sure that all of the documents are properly signed and notarized (when applicable). Re-executions are costly for both you and Nathalie JeanPhilippe LLC & Associates. If any part of the document is not properly executed Nathalie JeanPhilippe LLC & Associates will request that those documents be resigned by the Customer/Clients ASAP, this may result in a delay, and/or a decrease in the payment of your fee.

9.  Confirmation. Call Nathalie JeanPhilippe LLC & Associates at 888-653-1554 to confirm or close out signing order.

10.  Drop-Off. Depending on the document requirements we ask the you email all documents to or fax to 617-774-0179 and follow delivery instructions as the documents specified.

a) If prepaid label is included thru FEDEX Kindly drop package at your local FEDEX facility. If signing is before 3pm, you may call FEDEX to pick-up package.

b) If UPS prepaid label included kindly drop off at UPS store. If call is placed UPS for pick-up. UPS will charge $5 to $10 in order to pick-up at your location.

c) If the package is local, you can use Tranzitz Courier & Transportation Services to pick-up and drop-off the package at the nearest airport to secure it’s timely delivery.

****There is an additional cost for this service.

Thank you so much for helping us with this order. We look forward to partnering with on future signings. Please do not forget to send us your invoice for this signing.

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